Chenta Helical Gear & Gear Motor
Helical Gear & Gear Motor

  • Product Detail
    Chenta Helical Gear has wide range ratio from 1:5 to 1:120
    Horsepower Range from 1/4 HP to 75 HP
    Features:According to German Institute For Standardization ( DIN ) design.
    High efficiency, high strength, and low noise Gearbox.
    Complete specifications come out diverse installation.
    Cast iron made housing strengthen the crash - against.
    Except ratio 1/5 - 1/20 for 2 Stages Gear Design, ratio 1/25-1/120 all for 3 Stages Gear Design.
    Differing from only 1 bearing support, our 2 bearing support Input Pinion come out steady rotation.
    Motor's shaft Insert design on Input Flange make easy to Install IEC or Nema Motor.
    Gear parts with precise procession make gears rotation even quieter and more efficient.
    Installation and shaft dimension are compatible with Germany brand.
    Beauty appearance and light weight Gearbox.
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