Chenta Helical & Worm Gear
Helical + Worm Gear

Sebagai distributor Chenta Helical & Worm Gear, kami menjual berbagai macam produk Chenta Helical & Worm Gear. Jika anda membutuhkan bantuan untuk kebutuhan genset, hubungi kami di +6231 9985 0000, +6221 2900 6565, +6281288889052.

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    Interjaya dipercaya menjadi distributor untuk jual Chenta Helical+Worm Gear di Indonesia
    Features:Chenta Helical+Worm Gear's Design Conception: Combination of standardization and modulation to be compatible with international leading brands.

    Low noise: gathering the advantages of helical gear high efficiency and worm gear smooth transmission, the transmission is more stable and less noise compared to standard helical gear speed reducer.

    More ratio choices: the ratio range is between 8:1 ~ 210 : 1.

    Loading range : it can be freely choosed among 1/4 HP ~ 20HP
    according to different requirements and applications.

    Better strength: pinion, gear, and worm shaft are 20CrMo material with carbonized treatment and aluminium bronze worm wheel which offers better strength endurance.

    Self lock: in certain condition it's not reversible from output shaft (self -Lock)
    makes transmission movement safer.

    Convenient for mounting : every model is suitable for any mounting position (M1~ M6) as per different application. It's easier and also more convenient.

    Nice appearance with strong structure.
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