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    Today ADK all ranges of vibrators motors are one of the most efficient products available on the world market to meet all vibrating equipment environments in performance and quality needs of all customer. The ranges provide all components final product quality with accurate design come with technology innovation to assure all of our range vibrators are able to satisfy the demanding market needs.

    Centrifugal Force:70-10.000Kg
    2, 4, 6, & 8 poles
    Features:Mechanical Protection:IP 65
    Insulation class: F
    Electrical motors are manufactured with low loss lamination core which increase the efficiency and will reduce the body heating temperature
    Solid cast iron and high resistance aluminium housing to reduce the mechanical stress
    High load special execution bearing
    Labyrinth system for bearing seal with wide restraining chamber
    Squirrel cage rotor designed to have high efficient starting load torque
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